Unique civil liability insurance for
restructuring advisors

APRIL Polska Broker, as the only company on the market, has been running for many years the liability insurance program for natural persons acting as restructuring advisors, supervisors of arrangement or bankruptcy proceedings.

The insurance fully complies with the provisions of the Act on the license of a restructuring advisor and the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 23rd December 2015 on compulsory third party liability insurance of a person holding a license of a restructuring advisor, who performs the function in restructuring, bankruptcy or enforcement proceedings.

At preferential prices, we offer voluntary insurance with guarantee sums significantly exceeding the limits resulting from the provisions of the Act (the so-called surplus).

Our advantage is also a unique program of voluntary civil liability insurance for legal persons appointed to perform functions in the restructuring, bankruptcy or enforcement proceedings.

A minimum of formalities is required to sign the insurance contract and the whole process can be finalised by e-mail.
For more information, please contact or call us at +48 (22) 295 80 57.

In the case you want to sign the insurance contract, please complete the application form on the website.

To start the insurance procedure, please send a copy of the completed application to APRIL Polska Broker by fax number: +48 (22) 295 80 02 or by e-mail:

The original of the completed application should be sent to the following address:
APRIL Polska Broker Sp. z o.o., ul. Sienna 73, 00-833 Warsaw.