Our services

A comprehensive approach

We specialise in services for the broadly defined transport sector: leasing companies, Car Fleet Management as well as vehicle fleets of various types and sizes. Based on experience in cooperation with such clients, as well as benefitting from the synergy effect within the APRIL Group (claims handling services, assistance and call centre services), we are able to prepare unique and customized solutions. Our resources and the IT tools at our disposal provide us with the ability to efficiently monitor large, dispersed structures and vehicle fleets.

Risk management

Identifying critical business operations has a key impact on business continuity. This applies to both external and internal threats. One of the elements of risk reduction is a properly selected and developed insurance program tailored to the individual needs of a given company.

The proper approach to the risk management should be kept in mind at every stage of the company’s operations. Such policy consists of procedures, action plans and developed business practices that are in line with the needs of a particular enterprise. As brokers, we help identify all potential problems and provide support in developing solutions in order to minimise the risk of unwanted events.

Development and placement of insurance programs

In order to be useful, a properly selected insurance program must take into account the specifics of the industry and the company for which it is prepared. This is precisely why corporate insurance is usually said to be tailor-made. The best insurance programs take into account the exact needs of a particular company, and the insurance conditions are supplemented with precisely defined special conditions and individually tailored clauses.

Choosing the right insurers who will be able to meet the company’s individual needs is a challenge. A well-developed insurance program is only a half-success. The ideal insurer must be willing to take on the risk of insuring certain assets or a difficult manufacturing industry, such as fuels, mining or heavy transport. One of the commonly used practices is co-insurance. Selecting several insurers for the so-called insurance pool allows one to minimise the risk and broaden the scope of protection. APRIL Polska Broker helps its clients develop an optimal offer and supports its implementation.

Monitoring of insurance policies

The conclusion of an insurance contract and the beginning of the policy period is the first step in the service process. What gains importance next is the after-sales service, including policy monitoring. Policy management allows for supervision of the renewal process of concluded contracts, verification of the quality and control of the timeliness of policies.
The available tools, service programs in the form of customer portals and periodic damage reports allow to monitor the effectiveness and profitability of policies on an ongoing basis, allowing the company to operate smoothly.

Claims settlement

APRIL Polska Broker customers have the guarantee of support at every stage of claims settlement. From the notification to the moment of closing the process and payment of compensation, our clients are supported by experienced brokers. Based on extensive knowledge and many years of experience, our clients can be sure that in the event of undesirable decisions regarding the amount of compensation or refusal to pay, they will not be left alone and will receive all necessary support in the preparation of an appeal against the decision. APRIL Polska Broker is ready to undertake additional negotiations with the insurer so as to achieve satisfactory terms of potential settlement with the insurer on behalf of the client.

Optimisation of costs and savings

Thanks to our know-how and implemented solutions (e.g. the “self-risk” programme prepared within the APRIL Group), we are able to generate significant savings for our clients.
Moreover, by using the tools owned, April Polska Broker optimises the client’s insurance costs by enabling monitoring of the level of claims and thus giving time for early reaction to negative trends.

Insurance training and consultancy

The implementation within the enterprise of a previously prepared, optimal insurance program is a stage that involves additional challenges. The transfer of specialized knowledge related to the policy conditions to end users, drivers or operational employees is necessary for the company to fully benefit from the offer negotiated with the insurer.

APRIL Polska Broker meets the needs of clients by organising training sessions at the client’s premises during which it explains the complexities of insurance step by step. Interested participants are provided with the Insurance Manual, in which they will find detailed instructions on how to proceed in the event of a breakdown or damage. The knowledge contained in the document will allow stress-free proceedings in the event of an accident. Company representatives will get information on who to contact and what documents should be prepared for the insurer in order to initiate claim settlement.