Who is an insurance broker?

The insurance broker is a licensed and professional insurance intermediary acting on the basis of a client’s power of attorney. The broker’s duties are to represent the client’s interests in the best possible way and to provide objective and reliable insurance advice.

What is the difference between an insurance broker and an agent?

As a rule, the broker represents the client’s best interests, while the agent (multiagent) is a representative of the insurance company (or several companies – in the case of a multiagent) with whom he has an agency contract.

How much can the services of an insurance broker cost?

The most popular solution on the Polish market is the commission payment by an insurance company that has signed an insurance contract with the client, with the participation of the broker. So in this case, the client does not cover any costs of brokerage services.

There is also another model of remuneration, based on the so-called fee (predetermined amount). It is often used to support already existing insurance solutions, audits of insurance programs, advisory services or activities related to claim settlement.

What can be the benefits of working with a brokerage firm?

The biggest benefit is the development and negotiation of an insurance program that provides maximum protection for the client’s assets. The optimisation of insurance costs that effects in savings is another frequent benefit. An important aspect is also the fact that the broker bears full responsibility for the prepared insurance program.

Is the fact of using broker services “hidden” in the cost of my insurance premiums?

No. As a rule, an insurance company should quote insurance risk in the same way, regardless of whether the client uses the services of an agent, broker or buys insurance directly at the insurer’s branch.

What should I do to use the services of a broker?

Formally, the use of broker services begins at the time of signing the relevant power of attorney document and the Broker Service Agreement (the so-called SLA – Service Level Agreement). It is , however, worth determining the possible course of action, one’s needs and expectations with the broker prior to signing the document in order to find the best available solution. We encourage you to contact and meet with us directly. Together we will try to find the answer to all your questions.

Below is a link to download the documents necessary to start cooperation:

Power of attorney form